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🎈Moontasy莎樂前傳 Prequel to Charlotte's Story

🎈Moontasy莎樂前傳 Prequel to Charlotte's Story

June 24, 2019

🎈Moontasy莎樂前傳1 Prequel to Charlotte's Story Part 1]
Hi 👋🏻 正式宣布這個專頁,以後會由我Charlotte 親自主理🎉🎉,我們的作者Paula會搬回到 Moontasy 以第一身分享她自己的創作感受。重新再一次介紹自己🙋‍♀️ 我是Charlotte ,中文名莎樂。我以前就是在這個馬戲團做表演工作,本來好享受,也做得很受歡迎的,但慢慢盲忙做到迷失了自己。後來我遇上好朋友夢奇,他帶我去到月亮島🌙居住,在那兒我嘗試找尋我遺失了的夢想🎈。之後再慢慢向大家講更多我們的故事🤗

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Hi 👋🏻 So excited to officially announce this fan page, which will be handled by me, Charlotte🎉🎉. Our author Paula will move back to Moontasy page to share her own news on design and creations.  Let me introduce myself again: 🙋‍I am Charlotte. I used to be a performer at a circus; enjoying the job and becoming popular; but gradually I lost myself in the busy days.  One day, I met Moonkii and we became good friends.  Moonkii led me to Moon-Island🌙, where I was reminded of my forgotten dreams🎈. In the following days, I will tell you more about our story🤗

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🎈Moontasy莎樂前傳2 Prequel to Charlotte's Story Part 2 - 遇上夢奇 Meeting Moonkii]

他是我的好朋友Moonkii, 中文名叫夢奇。他為人很真誠又好喜歡幫助人,還有一點好特別,他沒有翅膀🧚🏻‍♀️,但卻懂得飛的。


🤦🏻‍♀️我就是在最迷失時遇上他,原來他花了很多時間,才找到我當時所處的馬戲團🎪。他向我說了一番話,令我開始反思自己,然後跟他搬到月亮島上住,嘗試找尋自己都已完全忘記的夢, 究竟他向我說了什麼?

Moonkii is my good friend; being sincere and likes to help people.  With a very special talent, Moonkii can fly even without any wings 🧚🏻.

Moonkii has a very important role - the keeper of 🌜Moon-Island. Each forgotten dream will become a dream balloon🎈 and it floats to this island.  It will disappear forever if not being found by its owner. Hence, Moonkii often flies around and brings the soon disappearing dream balloons back to their owners.

🤦🏻‍♀️I met Moonkii during the days when I was lost. It has taken Moonkii quite some time to find me at the circus🎪. From what Moonkii has said, I started to rethink about myself.  I followed Moonkii to Moon-Island where I was reminded of the forgotten dreams. What did Moonkii say to me?

[🎈Moontasy 角色介紹之阿風 Introduction of Character - Feng]

👇她是來自東方的阿風(Feng), 擁有預知天氣的能力。我(莎樂charlotte)搬到🌙月亮島後,很多事情都好陌生,島主夢奇(Moonkii)又好忙,全靠她和好友witty常常幫助我,他倆就好像我的守護天使🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♂️。特別她們能縮細自己的身體,好像一個小襟章掛在我身上,替我解決很多問題。



👇She is Feng from the East and has the ability to forecast the weather. After I (Charlotte) moved to 🌙Moon-Island, many things were unfamiliar to me. As the island keeper Moonkii was very busy, it was great that Feng and good friend Witty often helped me. They were like my guardian angels🧚🏻🧚🏻‍♂️.  In particular, they can minimize their bodies, hooked onto me like small badges and assisted me on solving many problems.

Heard that Feng originates from a kind of headdress "phoenix crown" from the oriental opera.  So, she likes to sing and has a strong sense for music. She often introduces oriental culture to other dreamers on 🌙Moon-Island.  She does not need to eat anything;  and 👁reading books can recharge her energy.  Hence, she is knowledgeable. However, sometimes she sticks too much to the hard core of knowledge, becoming not flexible enough; need to spend extra time on explaining on some matters to her occasionally.

Moreover, there is one thing that everyone must keep in mind:  strictly must not touch the small scales on her! She will get angry😤 immediately. When a piece of scale peels off from her, time will pause for a short duration but her energy will be largely consumed, and it takes a long time to recover. Only when it is for emergency, she will use this special ability.

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#香味  #fragrance

🎈Moontasy角色介紹-偉廸 Introduction of Character - Witty]



👇He is Witty, intelligent, originating from jellyfish, and communicates well with marine life🐙🐠🦐. The tentacles are covered with blue pearls. He is always proud of this, so he sometimes talks with a little arrogance.  But, in fact he is kind, and has a little habit of  using his tentacles to fiddle with his hair🤣.

On 🌙Moon-Island, he and Feng🧚🏻‍🧚🏻‍♂️ often stayed with me (Charlotte), but the two often bickered, creating much fun and laughter. Just like Feng, he does not need to eat anything. Reading can recharge his energy. He also has the ability to minimize himself and hooked onto me without being recognized.

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