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Hand-Made Designer Travel Bag

If you are traveling and need a bag to carry your belongings and you want to be sure that your bag is protected, our large vegan leather waterproof weekend travel bag is for you. It is perfect for carry-on hand luggage, sports bag, or gym bag.

Product Details of Travel Bag
* Made from high-grade waterproof fabric with microfiber leather,
* Dimensions: 53cm x 30.5cm x 25cm.
* One large main compartment,
* One interior pocket for small items.
* Sturdy faux leather portable belt and adjustable shoulder strap.
• 36.47 Oz.
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About The Art of Travel Bag

Red green and Violet–Yellow Rhythms (1920) by Paul Klee

Enjoy spectacular artworks by Paul Klee (1879–1940), the father of Abstract Art and a central figure of the Bauhaus movement. Influenced by Cubism and Surrealism, he is best known for minimal stick figures, abstract forms, vivid colors, and his usage of symbols drawn from imagination, poetry, music, literature, and the world around him.


This product is printed "on demand", and finished on demand.
 practice "slow fashion" with the aim of reducing mass production and waste.

Because it's handmade for you, please
 allow 7- 9 days to get the tracking number and 10-14 days for delivery.



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