Glittering Phone Case - Moonkii with Dream Balloon 閃粉流星手機殼 - 夢奇夢汽球



  • 此設計只提供iPhone 7及7Plus、8及8Plus、X的手機殼
  • 香港本地品牌Moontasy設計圖案
  • 手機殼設計新穎,運用了閃粉流沙設計,粉紅色的閃粉流星配搭可愛的「夢奇」設計,加上「Be Kind To Each Other」的字眼,除了可愛和搶眼,亦希望藉此傳遞品牌背後的正面信息
  • 郵寄地點只限香港
  • 香港工商地址可免郵費

  • Available for iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X
  • Only soft case is available
  • Graphic designed by Hong Kong Brand - Moontasy
  • Use of flowing glittering stars pairing with Moonkii graphic making the phone case eye-catching and adorable.
  • Bringing out the message of ''Be Kind To Each Other'', is one of the main positive energies that our brand would like to share to everyone
  • Delivery to address in Hong Kong only
  • Free shipment to commercial address in Hong Kong
Net weight: 55g
Packaging: 155g

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