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About Designer: Paula Cheung 

She has more than 10 years in branding management.
knows the feminine markets very well.
She creates Charlotte Mola as an icon across fashion, dining and beauty industries...
is a designer in Hong Kong.

As a local Hong Kong designer for over 10 years in the industry, crossed over different design disciplines: multi-media, graphic, window display, fashion styling, illustration...
The story of Moon-Island started in 2011. The characters created convey stories about love and dreams, and It becomes a platform for Paula to share her passion and positive attitude towards "life".
There was a time when Paula had a conversation with her friend from France, discussing different injustice issues happening in the world and how people have warped core values and beliefs. It is this that led her to create a brand that its core value is not focused on financial, but to have the opportunity to help the neglected or less privileged. As a result, "Charlotte Mola" was developed as a fashion brand. From there, after resigning her role as a visual merchandising manager, creativity is merged into her brand, where her vision becomes a reality.

有關設計師 Paula Cheung:  

具有10多年時裝品牌管理知識,了解女性消費群習慣,針對女性時尚行業創作了插畫Charlotte Mola,適合與女裝,西式餐飲,化妝美容等跨行業合作。

在香港從事設計十多年,曾涉足不同範疇平台:多媒體,平面,櫥窗,時裝造型,插畫等。2011年開始創作插畫故事Moon-Island, 這是個有關愛與夢想的故事, 她希望透過插畫與人分享對生命的感受,帶出更多正面信息。
跟定居法國的好友傾談時, 同感世界資源分佈不平均, 導致社會不公義及價值觀扭曲。她立志建⽴⾃己品牌, 不單以盈利為主導,希望在營運過程幫助到被忽視的群體。結果,把主角“Charlotte Mola”發展成時尚品牌。半年後辭去時裝公司Visual merchandising manager (視覺營銷經理)一職,並把心愛的時裝元素注回⼊品牌當中。並努力於營運過程中加入社會責任,把創作的世界在真實生活中實踐出來。